15- The Ford & Carter Administrations

2016-04 America in the 70s BOOK EXCERPT.pdf

2016-04 Barbara Jordan's speech (TRANSCRIPT).pdf

2016-04 Ford Pardon OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION.pdf

2016-04 If You Were President Ford (SPEECH WRITING).pdf

2016-04 Post-Watergate Years Vocab and Questions.pdf

2016-04 President Ford's New Conference (TRANSCRIPT).pdf

2016-04 President Ford Profile in Courage.pdf

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2016-04 The Seventies BOOK EXCERPT.pdf

2016-04 Understanding Watergate and Ford.pdf

2016-05 Carter Administration QUESTIONS.pdf

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2016-05 Jimmy Carter SATIRE CARTOONS.pdf

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2016-05 The Century Starting Over.pdf

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2017-04 SNL satire on Carter.pdf

A retired Jimmy Carter meets Fidel Castro

Ask President Carter (SNL)

Introducing Gerald Ford — (Chevy Chase's first impression)

James Earl _Jimmy_ Carter Jr. . Jimmy Carter .pdf

Jimmy Carter (Dan Aykroyd) Satire on SNL — Presidents Ford & Carter had to deal with the problem of inflation. This skit pokes fun at Jimmy Carter's attempts to curb inflation. The actor is Dan Aykroyd from Ghostbusters.

Jimmy Carter (Joe Piscopo) SNL Satire

President Ford falling... — This is video of the 'incident' that lead SNL to satirize Gerald Ford for YEARS!

Reactions to the Hostage Crisis . Jimmy Carter .pdf

SNL: The Carter/Ford 1976 Presidential Debate SATIRE

SNL Satire: "Ford on the Phone"

SNL Satire: Ford "Christmas at the White House"

SNL Satire: Ford "Ford's Speech"

SNL Satire: Ford "Kissinger Visits Ford"

The Century: Starting Over

The Iranian Hostage Crisis . Jimmy Carter .pdf

Tom Brokaw pre-tapes Ford's Death