Period 4: 1800-1848

03 From Farm to Factory.pdf — Chapter 3 of A Social History of American Technology From Farm to Factory

2018-10 1830 Map.pdf

2018-10 Louisiana Purchase Lewis Clark MAP.pdf

A People's History of the United States (Chapter 6) — Chapter 6: THE INTIMATELY OPPRESSED (Women's Rights)

A People's History of the United States (Chapter 7) — Chapter 7: AS LONG AS GRASS GROWS OR WATER RUNS (Indian removal)

InOurTime-20130131-TheWarOf1812.mp3 — In Our Time podcast on the War of 1812.

InOurTime-20171207-MobyDick.mp3 — In Our Time Podcast on the American classic novel from this time period title Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

Music from the War of 1812 — Here is a Spotify playlist with music from the era of the War of 1812.

Period 4 1800-1858 Instructional Videos (Khan Academy)

The American Pageant Chapter 11 — Chapter 11: The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic

The American Pageant Chapter 12 — Chapter 12: The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge in nationalism

The American Pageant Chapter 13 — Chapter 13: The Rise of Mass Democracy

The American Pageant Chapter 14 — Chapter 14: Forging the National Economy

The American Pageant Chapter 15 — Chapter 15: The Ferment of Reform & Culture

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History (Period 4) — Study Guides & Videos